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Barcelona Transport

Metro, Trains, Trams and Buses & Airport Shuttle

Barcelona metroThe transport system throughout Spain is very good, and coming from England I find it cheaper and so much more efficient in comparison. Here's a guide to getting around Barcelona on public transport.

The system allows you to buy a variety of tickets which cover all forms of transport in the city: Metro, Bus, Tram, and Train (Renfe Cercanías and Ferrocarrils). Renfe Cercanías are the local trains and the Ferrocarrils are the Catalan trains.

As well as purchasing tickets from the machines at any metro station, you can also buy tickets at lottery shops and newsagent kiosks.

Transport Tickets

There are six zones, but zone 1 covers pretty much all of the city and includes the airport. Prices quoted below are for a zone 1 ticket only, but you can purchase the same tickets for all the different zones.
PDF map of Barcelona's six transport zones.

Transport symbols

The tickets listed below are the most popular tickets but there are more available.


T-10 ticketThe T10 is probably the most commonly used and allows you 10 journeys. The current price is 10.30 euros for zone 1.

If you use the ticket for a journey – say one stop on the metro - you have 1 hour and 15 minutes when you can use the ticket for a further journey without being charged again. This time limit varies depending on the type of ticket you buy, but the more expensive the ticket the longer period of time you have.

The other tickets available are:


This ticket currently costs 7.60 euros for zone 1 and can be used for an unlimited number of journeys in one day.


Lasts for 30 days from the date of purchase and allows unlimited journeys during that period. Currently 52.75 euros for zone 1.


This ticket gives you 50 journeys over 30 consecutive days. The price is currently 42.50 for zone 1.


This ticket give you 70 journeys over 30 consecutive days, and is priced at 59.500 for zone 1.


This card is valid for 90 days for unlimited journeys Currently costs 142 euros for zone 1. Unlike the other tickets above, this one can only be used by the purchaser.

For all these tickets you are allowed 15 minutes between changing metro lines or transport for the two trips to be counted as one journey.


The T-Jove is a ticket for young people aged under 25 years. It gives unlimited journeys for 90 days on all forms of transport. The 90 day period starts when you first use the ticket and it currently costs 105 euros for zone 1.

There are many more tickets available including very useful tickets if you are just visiting the city for 2, 3, 4, and 5 day travel cards.

Full information on all Barcelona transport tickets.

Tourist Tickets

There are various other tickets aimed at visitors to the city:

  • Travel card 2-days
  • Travel card 3-days
  • Travel card 4-days
  • Travel card 5-days

All offer unlimited travel on all forms of transport for the number of days stated.

Barcelona Tourist Bus

This ticket is only valid for the Tourist buses which continually circle Barcelona stopping at the many places of interest. You can get on and off wherever and when ever you like.

Available as 1- and 2-day tickets, with discounted prices for children.

Other Transport Links

Local trains passing through Barcelona and the surrounding area are called Rodalies. At this link you can check out local train times for Barcelona and other parts of Catalonia:

Ferrocarrils – Catalan railway.

Renfe – Spanish train network.

Night Bus – Night buses and map of routes.

Airport Bus – Timetable and route map of the Airport shuttle bus.
– another website for the airport bus:

Tram – City tram website, with routes and timetables.

Barcelona Buses

There is a comprehensive bus service in Barcelona that runs throughout the day. From the main bus stations you can pick up a map of the bus routes, but there is a bus map of all the city routes at every bus stop, including more detailed maps of the buses that stop at each particular bus stop.

You can find online maps for all the individual Barcelona bus routes at the TMB website.

Here you can download the complete bus map: a map of all bus routes in Barcelona city (October 2012).

And, if you're not sure which route you need there is also a route finder if you know the name of the street you need to get to: Bus Route Finder.

During the night there is also a bus service which runs frequently(Nitbus):

Regional Buses

There is a very useful bus service that runs to the Costa Brava (there are no trains to the Costa Brava) called Segalés. The website is in English, Catalan and Spanish:

AirplaneTransport to Barcelona Airport

Barcelona Airport Bus

There are regular buses from Barcelona centre to Barcelona Airport (El Prat) and they run every 7 - 15 minutes depending on the time of day. The times vary slightly depending on which route you take, but roughly they run from 0605 - 0105 from Plaza Catalunya to the airport, and 0605 - 0105 on the return journey.


They leave from Plaza Catalunya and Plaza España and a few other routes, including one which leaves from Castelldefels. It takes about 30 minutes from Plaza Catalunya to the airport and the cost is 5 euros for a single and 8.65 euros return.

Barcelona's New Airport Terminal – Terminal 1

Barcelona has a new terminal building now (2009), and if you're travelling via Terminal 1 (the new terminal) then the bus is a good option as it goes to both terminals. If you take the train to the airport it arrives at terminal 2, and you then have to take the shuttle bus to Terminal 1.

Barcelona's Airport Shuttle BusAerobus: This website covers both routes to Terminal 1 and 2 in English:

This is the same information in Spanish:

Bus route from Barcelona to the airport terminal 1. (New terminal)

Bus route from Barcelona to the airport terminal 2 (A, B & C). (Old terminal)

Going by Train to Barcelona Airport

Trains run every 20 minutes from the main railway stations in Barcelona, including Sants and Passeig de Gracia and arrive in about 20 minutes at Barcelona Airport Terminal 2. There are regular shuttle buses running between the railway station (beside Terminal 2) and Terminal 1.

Transport to Other Airports

Girona Airport Bus

If you're flying in or out of Girona-Costa Brava airport with Ryan Air, rather than Barcelona (BCN) then the best way of commuting to Barcelona is by bus. There is a train service but it goes directly to Girona where you then have to take a bus back out to the airport in the direction of Barcelona.

Girona is roughly 64 miles from Barcelona (Girona airport is nearer, about 58 miles) and the bus ride takes just over an hour. Please note, Girona is also sometimes spelt Gerona (Catalan spelling).

The bus service is timed to coincide with the Ryan Air flights at the airport and leaves from Barcelona North Bus Station (Estació d'Autobusos Barcelona Nord). Make sure you get the airport bus not the Girona town bus. The nearest metro station to the bus station is Arc de Triomf on the red line (line 1).

Girona Airport Bus Timetable

The Girona airport bus is run by a company called Sagalés. Please use this link to go directly to their website to view the airport bus timetable.

A return ticket will cost you 21 euros, and a one way 12 euros which you buy from the bus station.

Train from Barcelona to Girona

The trains run regularly from Barcelona Sants, Passeig de Gracia and Clot-Arago stations. Once in Girona you need to catch the airport bus – visit this link for the timetable:

Reus Airport Bus

Ryan Air also fly into Reus airport, which is south of Barcelona. You need to get the train from Barcelona to Reus town, then take the shuttle bus which runs between Reus and Reus airport (Linea 50). Reus Airport Shuttle bus.

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Transport Maps

Barcelona metro map (pdf)

Barcelona bus map (pdf)

This page below gives online maps of all the individual metro, bus and tram lines.

Barcelona transport maps

Transport Zones for T tickets


Cycle in BCN – use Bicing

A Bicing point in Barcelona

Bicing is a public transport system on bicycles. Register first on their website, pay a small weekly or annual fee, receive your card in the post, then use their bikes from the many depots throughout the city

(Website in Castellano or Catalan)

Transport Info

Barcelona Airport:
93 298 3838

Girona Airport:
972 186 708

Euro Lines:
902 405 040

Nord Bus Station:
93 265 65 08

Port Authority:
93 306 8800

Taxis for handicapped travellers:
93 300 3811
93 358 1111
902 197 197

Car Rental:
Avis: 93 298 3601
Hertz: 93 298 3636
93 298 3433
93 298 3300


Car Sharing from Avancar

A fantastic and cheap solution to not owning a car in Barcelona


Pay an annual price of about €60 or a monthly fee which includes insurance.

Pay per hour
or per day.

Register online, book your car, use your Avancar card to pick up and drop off your car from one of the depots in Barcelona.


How to Rent in Barcelona guide


Barcelona Relocation Service

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General Airport Information

Barcelona El Prat airport website.
Information Line: Tel: 902 101 564

Girona-Cosa Brava Airport Information.

Reus Airport Information.

Car Hire from Barcelona airport

Avis – Tel: 932 983 600
Europcar – Tel: 932 983 300
Hertz – Tel: 932 983 637
National – Tel: 932 983 433

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