NIE Barcelona

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NIE Barcelona helps you get your NIE – both the temporary and residency NIE. Your appointment will be made for you, you will be advised on what paperwork you need to have, you will be accompanied to your appointment and translation will be provided. Vital help if you don’t speak Spanish and a quick and efficient way to obtain your NIE with a very reasonable fee.

Languages spoken are English, Spanish, German and Czech.

Other admin processes are also covered such as your empadronamiento, obtaining a social security number and help with changing your driving licence or any vehicle paperwork at the traffic office, etc.

NIE Barcelona

Contact details
Address: Carrer Aragó 134, Barcelona
Phone: +34 603 209 403


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  1. stefan April 7, 2016 at 1:12 pm #

    5 Stars for Marie! She saved us! VERY thankful for her help. The only way to get your NIE!

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