Moving to Barcelona (or Spain)

Here you’ll find advice gained from first-hand experience of moving to Barcelona from the UK and of living in Spain. This is your Barcelona guide to living and working in the Catalan capital.

Long term rentals Barcelona

Long-term rentals Barcelona

Long-term accommodation in Barcelona is usually for a term longer than six months. A standard long-term rental contract lasts for five years. Here you’ll find some information about how and where to search for Barcelona rental accommodation.

Short-term Rentals in Barcelona

Temporary rentals Barcelona

Temporary rentals are for any period from one month to 11 months. Holiday rentals are for any period under 30 days. This page summaries the main differences and lists the good short term and temporary rental agencies in Barcelona.

Spanish Rental Contract Check

Spanish rental contract check

Have your Spanish rental contract checked before you sign. We summarise your rental contract in English, point out any non-standard clauses and advise you on how to negotiate any changes necessary – liaising with the estate agent or owner on your behalf if required.

Barcelona Property Finding Service

Barcelona property finder

A flat finding service for Barcelona and Catalonia. A property finding service for medium to long-term rentals and purchases. We help you rent in Barcelona. The service includes property search, accompanied viewings, negotiating and contract checking.

Buy Property in Barcelona

Buy property in Barcelona

We source property for clients to buy in Barcelona. Whether you’d like to move to Barcelona to live, are looking for a holiday home, or want to invest in property here. We find properties that are fully renovated and ready to move into, or property that needs partial or complete renovation.

How to Get Your NIE or TIE

Spanish NIE

How to get your NIE (Número de Identificación de Extranjero), both resident and non-resident. UK nationals now apply for a TIE and the process differs slightly and is easier if you already live in Spain. There’s an extra step for new arrivals in Spain. You’ll find a summary of the processes here.

Open a Bank Account in Barcelona

Open a Spanish bank account

How to open a Spanish bank account. Links to banks where you can apply to open an account online, and recommendations for which banks to try in person. Includes an explication of resident and non-resident accounts and which documentation you need, particularly where an NIE is required.

9 Ways to Find Work in Barcelona

Jobs Barcelona

It’s easier to find work in Barcelona if you speak Spanish and/or Catalan. However, there are many international companies based in Barcelona, as well as small to medium-sized businesses set up by expats, which need employees who speak English. This article gives you nine ways to find jobs in Barcelona.

The essentials when moving to Barcelona