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How To Rent In Barcelona 2023 edition

This Barcelona rental guide is a time and money-saving ebook on how to rent property for the medium to long-term in Barcelona.
Updated to include the rental law changes of June 2023.
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Need to find a property to rent in Barcelona? Don’t speak Spanish? Short of time? Don’t understand the rental market in Barcelona? My Barcelona rental guide, with 27 pages, will give you all the information you need to find and rent a property.

Written by someone who knows the rental market and runs a property finding service in Barcelona.

The rental guide is divided into sections covering all the stages of renting a property:

  • Fees and expenses you will need to pay
  • Standard rental terms and conditions
  • Finding flats and arranging viewings
  • The right questions to ask
  • How to reserve your property
  • Understanding your rental contract

Why should you buy this ebook?

After reading this guide you will fully understand the procedure of renting in Barcelona, know how to cover each stage of the rental process, and therefore know what is standard policy to avoid delays and misunderstandings.

How to Rent in Barcelona – what’s included

  • Renting – how it works:
    A summary of how the rental market functions in Barcelona, for example, who has to pay the agent’s fee, and timescale needed.
  • Standard requirements:
    An explanation of the standard requirements that any agent or owner will expect you to be able to fulfil, for example deposit amounts and necessary documentation.
  • Finding a property to rent:
    Searching online, finding and using local real estate agencies.
  • Viewing properties:
    The viewing process – how much time to allow, how to get around Barcelona and a check list of points to remember and look out for when viewing a property.
  • Questions to ask:
    Important questions to ask the agent or owner when you view a property.
  • Making an offer:
    How to make an offer and tips for negotiating a lower price.
  • Reserving your property:
    What you need to have prepared in order to make a swift reservation. What you need to do and pay in order to reserve your property.
  • The long-term rental contract:
    Gives an outline of the standard terms of a long-term contract and guidelines on what should and should not be included.
  • Utilities and internet:
    The tenant is responsible for organising the payment of the utility bills, this section gives advice on how best to do that.
  • Property finding service:
    A summary of my Barcelona property finding service and how it can save you time and money by having viewings arranged for you.
  • Resources:
    Useful resources, for example banking in English in Barcelona, currency transfers…
  • Check list:
    Finally, a list of all the things you need to have done and have ready in order to rent a property quickly and efficiently.

The author behind the Barcelona rental guide

I moved to Barcelona from England in 2005, and run a Barcelona property finding service regularly finding properties for people relocating to Barcelona or the surrounding areas.

This ebook rental guide is aimed at helping people who have the time to search for properties themselves, but who still need local, first-hand information to successfully find somewhere to live in Barcelona.

Download and Payment instructions:

The ebook is available as a PDF by digital download and costs €10.

Click the “Add to Cart” button, and then proceed to the Checkout. Your payment will be taken using PayPal. You can pay by credit card, debit card or with a PayPal account (you don’t need a PayPal account to pay by credit or debit card).

Once you have paid, you will receive an email containing a link where you can download How to Rent in Barcelona.

You have 48 hours in order to download the guide once you have paid. If you have any problems when purchasing your ebook, please contact me on: [email protected].

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Quote marksI arrived in Barcelona with my son on the 20th September. Neither of us speak Spanish. Georgia was booked out for the following two weeks, but we had downloaded her guide to finding a property in Barcelona. What a find that was!!  It is without a doubt the most comprehensive, accurate, practical and clearly written guide I have ever come across.

By following her guide and despite being told by the estate agents that it was the worst week of the year to be looking, we located a flat by Wednesday, in the area that my son had selected.  Georgia, generously provided us with a translation of the lease at a nominal cost. – Marie

Quote marksYour guide was very very handy. Because of your guide I found very fast an apartment! Because of you I have the best view apartment. Its located at Plaça Catalunya! – Andrew

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Quote marksThank you for writing your book (for me it has been great value for money as you suggested it might), and for your website. I arrived here in Barcelona last Wednesday, bought your book soon after, and by Saturday had found somewhere to rent in a very nice part of town, and signed an agreement.

At present, I’m working out the hoops to jump through in organising my resident’s permit, phones and bank accounts. Your information has been very helpful, not only in finding my way around, but in letting me know what needs to be done, and I would recommend you to anyone who wanted to come here. Nice work! And thank you again. – Bill

Quote marksHave been reading your information on your website, and downloaded your ebook which is great! – Eleanor

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