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Transferwise logoWise (formerly TransfeWise) is a money transfer company that also offer multi currency bank accounts, for individuals and businesses. They are low on fees and big on service and ease of use.

Transferring money using Wise means low fees and very good currency exchange rates. They have both an online and app service and money arrives quickly to its destination account.

Money transfers are easy. You transfer money to Wise (whether you have a bank account with them or not), and Wise then send that money on to the destination account, making the currency exchange in the middle. Their exchange rates beat most banks, and their fees certainly do.

Their “Borderless” bank account has to be tied to an existing bank account, but it means that you can accept payments in any currency without charge (you simply add the currencies you deal with to your Wise bank account and there are 40+ currencies available). You can then withdraw that money to your original bank account making a currency exchange on the way, or leave the balance at Wise to use later.

You can apply for a Wise Mastercard which allows you to spend your Wise balance anywhere in the world with low exchange rates and no fees if you have a credit balance. They really make international banking easy.

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