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Utility companies

More market choice offering greener, cheaper energy

Over the last few years, more modern companies from abroad have entered the Spanish power supply market. They’re a joy to deal with compared to the complexities of the established utility companies.

 Moreover, they offer greener energy at competitive rates, and their customer service is good – they’re easy to contact and easy to deal with.

Green energy Spain

As a property owner you can, of course, choose which supplier you prefer. As a tenant, with utility contracts in your own name, you’re also free to switch suppliers.

Companies such as Endesa (electricity) and Aigues de Barcelona (water) have a tiresome administration system. Aigues de Barcelona still have the monopoly on water supply. However, the market for electricity in particular has opened up. With these new players on the market it’s time to switch and save yourself some money and be greener in the process.


100% green electricity supplier. Holaluz offer various tariffs to suit your energy requirements. You can switch your electricity supply to Holaluz simply by completing their online form. To help you select the tariff best suited to you, they have a helpful online process.

Sign up as a new customer with this code: FJ2F8L, and you’ll get a €20 cashback.

I used to be a customer of Bulb, but was automatically moved to Holaluz when they took over Bulb in Spain. So far, I’ve very happy with the elecriticy supply (because it’s 100% renewable energy) and the customer service provided.


Towards the end of 2021 Bulb in the United Kingdom went into administration. In December 2021 Bulb in Spain was taken over by Holaluz (see above for Holaluz).

In July 2020 the UK energy company Bulb launched in Spain. Bulb’s objective is to make energy supply simpler, cheaper and greener for their customers. From a survey they did in Spain, results showed that the electricity industry is the second most disliked sector!

Following Bulb’s launch in the UK they have helped modernise the electricity market and have gained 10% of the market in just 5 years. The aim is to do the same in Spain. Bulb offers a fairer tariff whilst reducing emissions from dirty energy. They rely on energy from solar, wind and hydro generators and offer 100% renewable energy. They also contribute to the small business development of green energy providers, who they will source some of their electricity from.


Another 100% green energy supplier. I can vouch that it’s easy to change the title holder of a supply contract to Podo. They also supply gas, and boast the best gas price on the market.

Escandinava de Electricidad

Currently Escandinava offer to save you 15% on your current electricity bill with their responsible and sustainable energy supply. Their website comes in five languages including English and their terms are clear.

Energy Nordic

Energy bills and customer service in English make Energy Nordic easy to use if you don’t speak Spanish, plus they supply 100% green electricity. They offer three types of contract: Flex Price, Flat Rate and Fixed Price. Their website is available in six languages.

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