About Us

This website was inspired by my move to Barcelona from England several years ago. Much of the information contained within this site is applicable if you’re moving to other areas of Spain as well, but the focus is on Barcelona.

My move to Barcelona

I planned my move to Barcelona one year in advance – I had (and still have) a design business in the UK (www.taurusgraphics.co.uk). When I moved here, I kept a note of the various problems and solutions that I encountered along the way, and that information developed into this website.

Thanks to the internet, I’m able to continue working with my business in the UK, and also generate income from other websites, including: Maxima Graphics and Barcelona Flat Finder. Originally I planned to be in Barcelona for one year, but I loved the place so much I’m still here several years later.

I’ve always been interested in the property market, and for a period of time I worked for an independent estate agent in the UK. My property finding service grew from enquiries I received via this website.

Living in Barcelona

I’m very happy that I made the move to Barcelona – I can indulge my love of climbing and sailing and it’s a wonderful city full of life and culture.

If there’s anything that you can’t find within this site or you have any comments on the content, then please send me an email using the Contact page. You can also stay in touch on Facebook and follow us on Instagram.

About the website movingtobarcelona.com

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