Articles: Barcelona Property News and Other Info

Issues and information that’s helpful to know when living, or considering to live, in Barcelona. Paying taxes, saving money, etc. Some of the articles focus on the property market, both renting and buying in Spain.

Each autonomous region in Spain can have different rules and regulations. These articles focus on Catalonia, but some are also relevant to the whole of Spain.


Free Spanish language classes Barcelona

5 Top Tips to learn Spanish for free in Barcelona!

If you’re new in Barcelona or considering making the move, you surely have a to-do list. Making friends, finding a flat, opening a bank account – these are all key to making a success of your new life in sunny Spain. Certainly as important, though, is getting a decent grasp on the Spanish language. If […]

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Green energy Spain

Green Energy Providers in Spain

Utility companies More market choice offering greener, cheaper energy Over the last few years, more modern companies from abroad have entered the Spanish power supply market. They’re a joy to deal with compared to the complexities of the established utility companies.

 Moreover, they offer greener energy at competitive rates, and their customer service is good […]

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Changes to the Spanish Rental Law

Spanish rental law changes in 2023 In May 2023 there were further changes to the Spanish rental law for long term rentals. The main changes which are beneficial to tenants are as follows: The annual renewal increase on rental contracts has been capped. These increases are in line with inflation, but for 2023 the rental […]

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Beckham tax law

Beckham Tax Law in Spain

The Beckham Tax Law is a tax law which applies to foreigners coming to live in Spain for employment purposes. It limits the amount of personal tax expats have to pay to 24%. It only applies to Spanish personal income. People must be coming to live in Spain to start a new job, become tax […]

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Spanish Golden Visa

Spanish Golden Visa

The Spanish Golden Visa gives residency to any non-EU national who purchases property or land for €500,000 or more in Spain. You are free to travel to any European country that is part of the Schengen agreement – for 90 days in every 180 days. You are allowed to work in Spain and your immediate […]

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Buying property in Barcelona

Buying Property in Barcelona

This article is an explanation of how to buy property in Barcelona. It covers each stage of the process: the property search, reservation, official deposit payment (Arras) and the final signing and exchange of the deeds (Escritura). The first stage is to know your budget and to allow enough money to cover the expenses of […]

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Tax Office Barcelona

How to Pay Your ITP

ITP stands for Impuesto sobre Transmisiones Patrimoniales – which equates to Transfer Tax. There are various forms of ITP, but this article is concerned with paying the ITP when renting property in Spain. By law when you rent a property in Spain you have to pay the ITP tax. It’s a once only payment when you […]

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