Spanish Rental Contract Check

We offer a Spanish rental contract check service to non-Spanish speakers. If you’ve found a flat or house to rent in Barcelona (or elsewhere in Spain), we offer a summary of rental contracts in English. This gives you peace of mind when signing your new contract, because you fully understand what you’re agreeing to.

Spanish rental contract check

The Eixample district of Barcelona. A very popular district for expats.

Long-term contracts in Spain have a minimum term for the tenant of 6 months. However, often you have to complete 12 months to eliminate a penalty period. Therefore, it’s important to know what you’re signing.

Our Spanish rental contract check services includes:

  • Reading your contract
  • Summarising all the clauses in English
  • Pointing out any non-standard clauses
  • Giving advice on how to negotiate any changes that may be necessary
  • We will also speak to the owner or agency involved to negotiate any changes on your behalf.

Spanish rental contracts can be ambiguous, particularly about the minimum term requirement for the tenant during which a penalty can be applied. As well as exactly how much those penalty charges are if the minimum term is not fulfilled. One of the most common amendments that we ask for on behalf of our clients is a change to clarify this clause.

Cadastral registration check

We include a check on the cadastral register for the rental property. This is important to show that the property is registered as a residence with the local authorities. Without a correct cadastral registration of a rental property, it’s not possible to register at the local town hall (empadronamiento), which is a legal requirement. Moreover, you would be unable to register with a doctor within the Spanish national health service. The empadronamiento is also required for visa applications and for your residency in Spain.

Recent changes to rental law

We keep up-to-date with any changes – temporary or permanent – to the Spanish rental law. These are things that sometimes can be missed by owners and therefore your rental contract will need to be updated.

Get your rental contract checked and summarised in English before you sign. Please use the form below and we’ll give you a quote.

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We are not lawyers, but have experience of translating and negotiating rental contracts in Barcelona for over 10 years. Moreover, we consult our own property lawyer if need be.