Buy Property in Barcelona

Buy property in Barcelona

I own and run a property finding service to help clients buy property in Barcelona. Here I explain how that service works, specifically with regard to sourcing flats and houses to buy. I offer a similar service for clients who want to rent.

While the search process is much the same as when renting, there are differences in the procedure after that. The process takes longer when buying, as clients need more time and likewise more than one viewing when deciding to invest in a property.

My service covers:

  • taking a detailed brief of the type of property you want to buy and the location
  • searching for properties to match your criteria. Sending you property options over a period of time running up to a pre-arranged viewing day or days
  • accompanying you to all property viewings. If required I can view properties on your behalf before you view in person
  • negotiating price, terms and dates
  • helping and accompanying you to the reservation, deposit payment (Arras) and final deed signing (Escritura)
  • recommending professionals: a lawyer, and if needed, surveyor, architect, builders
  • helping you to organise your Spanish bank account and NIE

I ask all the relevant questions for you when we view properties. I advise you on the best areas for investment in Barcelona. And, I help you access the smaller Spanish and Catalan estate agents, rather than relying on the larger international agents.

Is your income outside of Spain? This can be a problem for people looking for a Spanish mortgage, as most banks will not lend to people whose income is generated outside Spain. I can recommend a mortgage company who will finance in that situation. Please get in touch if you’d like more details.

The buying process in Barcelona

The buying process usually takes about six weeks, and depends on whether you need to arrange a mortgage and if the seller needs time to find a new home.

It’s best to have everything in place before starting the search process. If you need a mortgage, have that arranged in principle. Open a Spanish bank account and have sufficient funds there to cover the reservation fee (€1,000 – €3,000) and the 10% deposit. I have a contact at a bank here in Barcelona who will help you to open your bank account (banking in English).

Paying the 10% deposit is called the Arras, and this can happen as quickly as one week after reserving your property.

The final deeds signing and exchange (called the Escritura) depends on the individual circumstances of the buyer and seller. Therefore, it’s reached by mutual agreement and can be from a few weeks to several months.

Barcelona property

You need to allow between 12% – 15% of the purchase price for tax and expenses when buying property in Barcelona.

Those expenses are made up of the following:

  • Lawyer’s fee
  • Notary’s fee (this fee is higher if you need a mortgage)
  • 10% ITP tax (this varies by region in Spain, it’s 10% in Catalonia)
  • Document registration fees
  • Mortgage fees – arrangement fee, survey fee
  • Survey fee (if you don’t require a mortgage, but still want a survey)
  • Bank fee for a guaranteed cheque (this varies depending on your bank)

Finally, I’m available to consult at any time during the searching and buying process. I’ll make sure you’re well prepared to buy in Barcelona and have the necessary paperwork in place. You’ll be kept fully informed throughout the whole process.

Most importantly I’m completely independent. The estate agent represents the seller and it’s in their best interest to get as high a price as possible as they earn a commission on the sale price. I have no affiliations with owners or agents, and act solely on your behalf.

Get in touch

Please use the contact form below to ask for a quote or any further information on my property finding service.

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Information such as your approximate viewing or moving in date; number of bedrooms; flat or house; location (Barcelona city or surrounding area); furnished or unfurnished if a rental; parking or swimming pool required; or any other specific requirements or info would be really good to know.

Client Testimonials

Quote marksAfter initially attempting the search for a property to buy in Barcelona myself, I quickly realized it would be prudent to invest in the services of an experienced professional with local knowledge to avoid any pitfalls. For this reason, I appointed the expertise of Georgia to assist me, it was quite simply the best decision I made. Her knowledge and guidance were invaluable. Firstly in helping to understand the buying process, then through her familiarity of the areas, working to pinpoint the locations which matched my needs. Knowing my likes and dislikes, she minimized my trips by identifying and visiting properties on my behalf and alerting me when a suitable one was worth my time.

After making the offer on the property of my choice, she helped to review the relevant documents and swiftly used her contacts (architect, lawyers, etc) and appointed them on my behalf. She also kept in touch with the agent to smooth out any issues during the buying process, and once I had the keys her help with other items (utilities, locating handymen for work, etc) was very appreciated.  

Throughout she was in constant contact and very pro-active. I am extremely grateful to Georgia for making what would have been a daunting and time consuming process into an enjoyable and stress-free experience. Divyesh

Quote marks

I decided to ask Georgia to help me purchase an apartment in Barcelona and it was a wise decision. Georgia and her business partner are very knowledgeable about Barcelona’s property market. – Mike