Barcelona Property Finding Service

Barcelona property finding service

Are you searching for a property to rent in Barcelona or the surrounding area? I run a property finding service in Barcelona and can help your relocation run smoothly.

My service when renting includes:

  • Searching for flats or houses to your specification prior to your visit or arrival
  • Arranging viewings for when you are in Barcelona
  • Accompanying you to viewings, and driving if necessary
  • Translating Spanish to English and vice versa
  • Help and advice to prepare the necessary paperwork
  • Negotiating rental terms
  • A review of your rental contract

Benefits of using a Barcelona property finding service

Trying to find long term accommodation from outside Spain is very difficult and time-consuming. I know the places to look and the local contacts.

If you don’t speak Spanish you’re limited to the international estate agents. They tend to be more expensive than the local Catalan agencies.

Paying for a property search service can work out less expensive. It’s costly flying to Barcelona several times, staying in hotels and hiring a car in order to search for and view flats or houses.

Having lived in Barcelona for several years, I know the rental property market well. I have experience of finding property for overseas clients. It’s a lot less time consuming to let me do the preparatory work and arrange the viewings.

If you don’t know the Barcelona area, I can make recommendations for suitable locations based on your requirements. This targets the search more effectively and you find not only a suitable property but a suitable location.

Most of my clients choose a property to rent on the first day of viewings. My time is organised in the following way. Firstly, the property search process, including arranging viewings on an agreed day. Secondly, a full day of property viewings. Finally checking your rental contract and going with you to the contract signing.

Read testimonials from past clients below.

Contract checking

I check your rental contract and summarise it for you in English. Any amendments or changes required are negotiated with the owner or agent until all parties are happy to proceed. A date is then set for both parties to meet and sign the contract. On that day you get your keys and can move in.

There is an additional service of having your rental contract checked by a local Catalan lawyer. However, this is usually not necessary.

Regions covered

My Barcelona property finding service is for Barcelona city and its surrounding areas, such as: Castelldefels, Sitges, Garraf. To the north I cover the Maresme area: El Masnou, Premià de Mar and Sant Andreu de Llavaneres, etc. I will consider going further afield, so please check if you have a particular destination in mind.

Property Rental Consultancy

The various components of the Barcelona property finding services can be contracted individually and remotely. Maybe you only need help in one or two areas – for example, you’ve found a flat to rent yourself but need help checking your rental contract. Remote services include:

  • A video consultation where I give a full explanation of how the rental market works. I tell you what you need to have in place in order to rent successfully. I recommend the good estate agents, contacts for obtaining your NIE/TIE or other visas, etc. I answer all your questions about the rental process.
  • A review of any property that you’re thinking of viewing or renting.
  • Help with your offer to rent and the reservation process.
  • Read and check your rental contract: summarise each clause in English and point out any non-standard clauses and how to resolve them.

Client Testimonial

If you’re moving to Barcelona for work and need an apartment then you must use I did, and it was the best decision I could have made. Once I gave them my criteria they did ALL of the work – from finding suitable apartments, to viewings. I was accompanied to each flat and they even checked the contract of my chosen one. The really great thing is that they are impartial – they are there to advise – not to sell. Without I would have been lost. They even helped with advice on bank and internet options. With their help and guidance I had a stress free move and am now settling into my new life.
100% the best decision I made.

Barcelona port and coastline

Would you like to buy property in Barcelona? this link takes you to a page explaining how to buy and how I can help.

For a quote or for further information about my relocation service

If you need help finding long term accommodation or are relocating to Barcelona and would like to know more about my property finding service, including my rates, please get in touch using the form below.

Note: Sending this form with generate an auto-responder email, but I will respond personally as soon as I can.

Barcelona Property Finder
Information such as your approximate viewing or moving in date; number of bedrooms; flat or house; location (Barcelona city or surrounding area); furnished or unfurnished if a rental; parking or swimming pool required; or any other specific requirements or info would be really good to know.

Testimonials from clients

These are just a few testimonials from clients who have used’s property finding service to relocate to Barcelona:

We tried to search an apartment by ourselves, before we found your service. But it soon came clear, that the service level of local companies is not good for foreign customers. Many companies don’t have language skills, they simply don’t communicate in English. Or they don’t answer (foreign) emails. And many companies don’t bother to take clear pictures. They have in their websites apartments, which have been rented a long time ago. And so on, so it is very difficult do searching with net.

But then I found your service from net, and at that moment I understood, that this is what is needed. “One-stop” local service, which searches apartments from all companies, and list them with summary. And does the communication with companies, which seems to be the hardest part. You have done very good job! We might not be the easiest customers. So we are sure, that is nearly impossible to succeed without your services! – Jouni.

I just wanted to email you and personally express my gratitude and appreciation for your help in helping us secure a home in Barca for my family. My wife absolutely raves about you, your knowledge, and how you took the time to be honest with her about properties. These rare qualities are highly sought after and my hope is we can be a referral source for you someday. We are very happy with the property. Many thanks. – Alex

I can’t express how appreciative I am for all your help through the flat hunting search and signing. I couldn’t have done it without you. You took a lot of the stress and anxiety out of the process. And thank you for being available to future questions about life in Spain. If there is a review or anything I can write or post singing your praises, please let me know. – Nancy

With this service I was able to find a perfect apartment in Barcelona’s fast-moving rental market. The entire process was very professional and thorough, finding apartments according to my tastes and requirements, checking out all the details, arranging a dozen viewings, and translating when necessary. I had a stress-free experience and can highly recommend the relocation services to anyone looking to move to Barcelona. – Morten recently helped our family to find an apartment in Barcelona. Using this service was the best decision we made! The apartment we rented far exceeded our expectations and the whole process was very easy for us. To be honest, given the fact we have limited Spanish, I don’t think we would have found an apartment so quickly and one that we are this happy with, without this help. Apart from the language difficulty, the advice and comments we received helped greatly; knowing the areas to stay away from, the latest laws, etc, meant that we didn’t get caught out by something we didn’t know! If we ever decide to move again or buy in Barcelona I will definitely be back in contact! I highly recommend this service! – Tariq & Clare

We were very happy by the professional services and advices provided. A reliable and trustworthy service, that will ease your moving in Barcelona! Many thanks for your great support and listening. – Laurent & Lina

Absolutely brilliant, I could never have made the move without! They went above and beyond, tirelessly helping me hunt for the right place, never losing their cool despite my moving the goalposts, and helping out with all the extras like finding a parking space and getting internet installed. The service is worth every penny. – Helene

Deborah helped me find a great flat in Barcelona. It is a very fast moving market at the moment, and in a new country, and her assistance was essential in securing a good flat. Aside from the challenge of the language, she knows the market very well, does a lot of research, communicates often and openly. She did not over promise, always keeping her communication very open which I appreciated. Once we got into the contract phase, she was a strong and tireless negotiator, knowing all the different clauses and local specificities. Her service was well worth it, as doing it myself could have taken much longer and impacted my work. – Olivier

It has been a pleasure working with you again Deborah, and we are very happy that you were able to find them such an nice apartment so close to the university, and in their price range as well. You have saved them hours of travelling every day, and they are recommending you to their fellow students – Britta

We’ve managed to do it all in a 4 day trip and we couldn’t have done it without your help. Thank you again. – Vlad

We appreciate all your help. It seems like we found our dream home, but without you this would have never happened. I don’t know if it’s normal to get a rent done in 3.5 days or we were just lucky, but we do feel very fortunate and can’t wait to move. Thank you very much for everything! – Judit

You did an amazing job supporting me with flat-finding in Barcelona. As my relocation happened when I was in a busy project with constant travelling I was dependent on having someone trustworthy to help me.

After I had specified my needs and wishes did an excellent job finding flats that fitted my criteria. She sent me the flats in 3 chunks for me to evaluate and after each evaluation she listened to my feedback and made adjustments accordingly. I had seen and approved all the flats before the viewing day and I actually ended up with several alternatives to choose from. Once I had chosen the flat,the contractual terms were negotiated which ensured that I got what I was promised. Even though the rental market was difficult at the moment I ended up with a nice flat, within my budget, in the area that I wanted.

To summarize: I found the flat finding services professional, efficient and of high-quality. They asked the right questions at the right time and didn’t overload me with information. The process was clear and I always knew what would happen next. was also quick to answer questions and to give advice about my relocation to Barcelona. I could not have done this successfully without this service. – Camilla.

I highly recommend for anyone looking to relocate to Barcelona. Frustrated with searching on our own and not being able to find what we were looking for in the areas we wanted to live, I stumbled across during one of my internet searches. After reading the rave reviews, I figured I had nothing to lose.

They knew our requirements and sent over several apartments that met all of our criteria. As we had a tight timeline, Deborah was very accommodating and worked with us to see properties that were high on our list. She was in touch every step of the way and even attended our lease signing to ensure everything went smoothly. I never had to reach out to ask about anything because she was always on top of it. Deborah took what would have been a stressful and frustrating experience and made it into an enjoyable one. She showed us such great properties that we actually had a hard time deciding between our top two. We are happy with our decision and know we never would have found this place without her help. – Pam & Jim. was an absolute fountain of knowledge when helping us find an apartment. I thought we could do it ourselves, but once we had hired their help, I realised that there is no way of doing it without knowing the language, the area, the ‘insider’s knowledge’.  It is not always easy to recommend anything to anyone, as people’s tastes and expectations differ, but I would totally recommend this service, it exceeded our expectations, and they also provided great company, for the days that we were looking at apartments. – Mark & Livy

I moved to Barcelona from Copenhagen in September 2016, and found the process to be quite stressful since I did not speak Spanish or know the workings of the Barcelona flat market. I therefore reached out to movingtobarcelona to help me find a place to live.

They know the flat market in Barcelona very well and are well-connected with many of the local estate agencies. They were able to advise me about what I would realistically be able to get with my budget, and as they started sending me suggestions for flats to view they were able to quickly get an idea of what my top priorities were, and adjusted the searches accordingly. On the day of the viewings my guide also acted as a translator when the agent did not speak english, while also asking questions of her own that I might’ve missed. helped negotiate the contract and accompanied me to the signing.

During the entire process all of my general inquiries about the rules and regulations of the Barcelona flat market were answered. The entire process of finding a flat was made to feel secure and comfortable, which allowed me to focus on whether or not I liked the flat instead of struggling with the language barrier and wondering whether the deal on the flat was good or not. – Søren

This flat finding service was well worth the money. It took all the stress out of finding a flat in a city and a language I don’t know. A huge range of options within my requirements were provided. Their understanding of the market and good relationship with the local estate agents means I found the ideal place for me. I highly recommend to anyone who is moving to Barcelona. – David

Anton and I were absolutely amazed at how Deborah dealt with the organisation and negotiations of getting us a place to live in such a remarkably short time. A truly great service. – Anna and Anton was such a great help finding me a wonderful apartment in Barcelona. I gave them the criteria of what I was looking for and they didn’t let me down. They asked all the right questions and was ruthless in negotiating a better contract. Something that I find hard to do. It is a great service and relieves all the stress of trying to find somewhere. It was all done in a couple of days. I thoroughly recommend this service to make your relocation easy and stress free. – Eoin.

Hiring is the best decision I made in planning my move to Barcelona. Having lived in Italy and France and having done the legwork myself in those instances, I have an even better appreciation for her services. It saved me months of precious time and I trust her implicitly. She knows how the system works, has strong relationships with agents, is knowledgeable about the area and works hard to find a solution for you. She manages this with a lot of patience, grace, and flexibility, making you feel at ease from the first time you meet her. I cannot recommend her enough. – Melissa

When I decided to relocate from the UK to Barcelona I used the ‘flat-finding’ service provided by I had tried to find a few apartments myself but had found it a frustrating experience. The tailor made service provided at was fantastic. I basically discussed the type of apartment I was looking for and the budget. They emailed me apartments that were available and fitted the criteria that I had requested. After choosing the ones that interested me, they contacted the letting agents and put together an itinerary to view several apartments over two days. The second day was not used as I found a lovely apartment on the first day of viewings.

They accompanied me to all the viewings, negotiated with the letting agents and checked through all the contracts, and even came to the contract signing with me. I would highly recommend this service, it took the stress of renting in another country away, it was fantastic having someone who knew ‘ the ropes’ of the rental system in Barcelona. It is well worth every penny, is so helpful, I cannot recommend this service enough. – Rebecca

If I need to rent again in Barcelona, I would have no hesitation in employing to locate a property. The estate agents do not respond to emails so there is a lot of legwork to do. In addition as we were not Spanish the agents tended to direct us to holiday apartments rather than a residential Spanish area that we were looking for. – Marie’s services are indispensable for someone who does not speak fluent Spanish (and even for someone who does, her local knowledge, the contacts she has established and her independent advice will be extremely valuable). Having had a quick look at classifieds and getting a scammer from the very first advert, we realised that finding a flat in Barcelona would be a lot more difficult than anticipated. We enlisted this help, and are very glad that we did. It took the stress out of finding a flat.

They were efficient and easy to work with, always replying to emails promptly, and offering helpful advice and insights about finding accommodation and about moving to Spain in general. She found suitable flats, advised us about the areas, arranged and confirmed viewings, liaised with letting agents, translated during viewings, and checked the contract. Without her we would have been lost.

Our budget was small, so it was not an easy task to find a suitable place, yet we got the keys within four days of arriving to Barcelona. We saved money by moving out of short-term accommodation earlier than planned – and she even got us a discount on the asking price! Thank you once again. – Sasha & Nigel

Last year I decided to rent an apartment near Marbella on the south coast of Spain. I used the internet to locate suitable properties and set up appointments but I found that it was extremely difficult to do all this at a distance and without local knowledge or the ability to speak fluent Spanish. Consequently I made numerous trips at considerable expense before finding the right property.

This year I decided to move to Barcelona for a year and was fortunate to come across early on in my desk research. They agreed to research the market and set up suitable viewing opportunities. They collected us from our hotel each day and navigated our way to view a number of properties making numerous phone calls to firm up on arrangements and seek directions.

We found a suitable property, which I am convinced I would never have found on my own, within three days of my first trip and after allowing for’s fee saved me a considerable amount in time, travel and hotel costs. I whole heartedly recommend this service to you. – Ian

I can’t thank you enough. The past few days I feel I’ve had a guide as well as someone showing me flats in the city. Your commentary has really stuck in my mind and brought the city to life. You’ve really made this trip such an enjoyable experience for me. I’m very grateful to you. Thank you so much. – Jane

Many thanks for your assistance throughout – you made the process smooth and assured. – Orla

Thank you so much for all your help, I’m really pleased with the apartment. – Katie

Faced with the exciting prospect of moving to Barcelona and yet daunted by the process of finding a home for my family, I was fortunate to find this property finding service and the immensely valuable website,

I was provided with guidance every step of the way in our search. She helped us to find and secure the perfect apartment for us. She happily shared her deep knowledge of the city, the real estate market, and the intricacies of moving overseas. Through all of our phone and email correspondence, she was always helpful, supportive, and reliable. I highly recommend this service. – Laura

We really enjoyed our flat and spent a wonderful 2 years there! – Lorraine

I really appreciate all your assistance in getting my apartment. Your service is fantastic and it made the whole process so much easier than it would have been doing it on my own. – Ed

Using the service to locate my dream apartment, made easy, what was an extremely difficult task for me. My Spanish was not sufficient enough to deal with matters of real estate, especially on the telephone. My circumstances were slightly different as I was already living in Barcelona and time was not the most important factor. lined up viewings based on my tastes, needs and wants, and the contract was looked over by a lawyer. Highly recommended. – Marian

This is a wonderful service, which made finding an apartment in Barcelona while still in US much easier. both provided valuable insights about the apartments and their contracts. Very responsive and responsible. They made me feel like I have “boots on the ground”. The descriptions, photos, and videos of the apartments made me confident I knew what I was getting into. I now feel much more confident about my move and that I got the best deal. Highly recommend this service to everyone unfamiliar with the city and with few contacts there. – Yelena

Thanks again for a very impressive service, I would only be too happy to recommend you. – Brendan

Thank you so much for all the help, and guidance. You got a very satisfied client! – Alexander

I am really enjoying my stay in Barcelona and I feel very lucky to find this apartment. I am very grateful for your assistance. – Nora